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A new work in progress

Cognitive Surrealism
Developed by artist and inventor Kristi Soli, Cognitive Surrealism uses intricate color and layer to draw the viewer’s mind into a two dimensional canvas. There, the rich detail expands the mental set – the experiences, preferences and desires of the viewer. To each, a unique visual story unfolds in the mind. At showings, viewers emphatically debated what they each personally saw in the work.

To achieve that richness of detail, the works in her Cognitive Surrealism series have been years in the making. The originals are not for sale. Ms. Soli offers gallery quality reprints at shows and on her website.

About the Artist
Kristi Soli was born in Minneapolis Minnesota into a Scandinavian family. Her curiosity has taken her on many paths. She studied and taught ballet and gymnastics. She earned a BS in Airway Science, Aircraft Systems Management at the University of North Dakota and currently holds an Airline Transport Certificate. She has been a pilot for both charter and corporate companies as well as given flight instruction.

She worked as an independent business broker, doing valuations on and marketing small businesses valued up one million dollars. She is an inventor. Working in her own laboratory and with the collaboration of the Clemson University Textile Development Center, Ms. Soli has developed a broad line of hanging plant covers. Pot Pants™ change not only the pot, but the dreadful suspension wires, to a pleasant counterpart of color and texture to the hanging plant.

Accomplished at piano and French horn, she has been certified as a music instructor and has given piano and music instruction. She began painting at age eleven. She paints almost exclusively in oil. Her works have been shown in New England and the Mid-West.

Inspired by the work of Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Georgia O’Keefe, Ms. Soli enjoys the many and varied interpretations of her work. She replied to one fan:

Thanks for your kind words about my art; you made my day. Your interpretation of my work is quite valid. It is all there…

And more. The style I have developed takes years to apply to canvas and the work is never finished. I add layers as the inspiration comes. Although I consider Cognitive Optical Lucidity ready for distribution, I can not tell if I may add further depth some day.

My goal is for you to see in my work a world within your own mind and, from your message, that is quite so. The purpose of my Cognitive Surrealism style of painting is to create a portal for the viewer’s mind to look within itself. I use intricate detail, vivid contrasting color and layers of depth so you the viewer can see anything from nothing specific.

Did I have what you saw in mind when I painted it? I can not say for certain, but I do know that my hand follows its own dream as it applies the paint and I cry as it happens. So the answer is probably yes.

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