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Cognitive Surrealism

Kristi Soli, Founder and President of Evale' InnovationsTM, has developed a line of original oil paintings that use her own technique, Cognitive Surrealism. The Masterpieces capture the imagination and a fantasy world appears at a depth that only can be realized by using your innate world of comparisons. No two people will experience the same image.

Each work is reproduced from a painting that the artist has created over several months, even years. The process creates layers of image, theme and meaning and transforms patterns into optical illusions. The end product is an intriguing work of art that will keep the viewer coming back for another look, because it's not a picture but a portal.
 Welcome to the Museum in the Ville...

Decorate your home with a mind portal! Art quality prints can be bought in the Museum shop.

I use comparatives in my paintings based on my theory of when actual thought occurs. Then I engage the viewer to explore their continuum of reference on a sub-conscious level and expand their conscious to a deeper awareness, thus throwing them into another dimension. This medium has been a gift to me. I have been able to use colors to make the mind bend and the senses soar.                 -Kristi Soli


To view Cognitive Surrealism isn't enough. One will experience a new dimension and explore a new awareness of consciousness. COGNITIVE SURREALISM EXPANDS THE MENTAL SET.




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