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E.E. Transcendental Awareness

The Original Toilet Art


This masterpiece uses intricate color and layers of symbols that are used in societies throughout the world and history. It is a complex composition that took four years in the making to complete. This painting was designed to be hung above a 21st century toilet stool so the viewers eyes are drawn from the three dimensional world and comparative awareness brings the viewer into a two dimensional canvas. Once the viewer is captured and the viewers imagination is awoken the viewers mind makes comparisons to memories, feelings, and emotions. Using the reference frame of the viewer no two people will experience the same image and a fifth dimension emerges based on thought processes.

The artist has designed a game to train your brain to look deeper into reality and expand your base of knowledge. The game is simple and the more you practice the more into the 5th dimension you are brought. This painting is the training ground for what a viewer can experience and sense in the following series of masterpieces. The game goes like this…
Find the blue man.

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