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St. Peters Sky has been published in a children’s book by author Helen Nekesa Brooks out of Windsor England and can be viewed on www.theeternaldreamer.com. The author states,

“St Peter’s Sky, by Kristi Soli (www.kristisoli.com) The breathtaking painting that appears in the first chapter, and a throughout the book as the watermark depicting the dream, is the work of the truly talented, Kristi Soli, whose hauntingly beautiful art seems to pull one into a different world every time you look at, no, shall I say, experience it. Do take a moment to view the rest of her work at her site...you’ll see what I mean. Thank you Kristi, for your support, and for very graciously allowing us to use this outstanding print in both its original, and watermark form.”



The calming effect of blue is used in this masterpiece to ease the viewer into a state of visual stimulus. Its patterns effect, once again, all viewers senses differently. By the time the viewer moves through the series of thoughts that the colored paintings evoke, (green, red, yellow, blue) the mind is trained to be in a more dimensional state of awareness.




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